Dwight Howard Player Analysis

Dwight Howard has a relatively predictable game, just the problem is that no one can do anything about it. Howard gets the ball in the paint and muscles it into the hoop. He does this in a variety of ways. Either he goes straight up and dunks, pump fakes and absorbs contact (his powerful built allows him to get shots up after contact), or fades away and shoots. His favorite way to score is pump faking and absorbing contact. Not only does this allow him to score and go to the free throw line but it also lets him “intimidate” other centers by showing them that he can score regardless if what they do. As shown below.


Then there’s Howards fade away. He only uses this when up against great defenders. This is still a relatively high percentage shot because he is fading away from only a few feet away from the hoop.


Now lets take a look at Dwights monster defense. His defensive presence is a force to be reckoned with, his enormous muscles combined with his crazy atheleticm are a fatal combo. Dwight’s “intimidation factor” leads players to pass before they shoot when up against him. When players do decide to shoot against him well this happens.


Overall, Dwight is one of the best players in the NBA and reasonably so, he is hands down the best center. It will be interesting to see how Dwight plays when he gets older and cannot outmuscle other players.

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