The Legend that is Kobe Bryant

Many things make Kobe Bryant the greatest NBA player in history. Lets count down what makes this guy so good. First of all there’s his jump shot. It’s one of the most dangerous in the game with its perfect form and pinpoint accuracy. Then there’s Kobe’s fadaway. The fadeaway is one of the most difficult shots to pull off in the game but Kobe does it so frequently and with such ease making him impossible to defend. Another weapon that Bryant has is the turnaround J, it’s like he memorizes the exact position of the hoop. Kobe also, when he’s in the zone, combines the turnaround and the fadeaway to create a shot that is extremely difficult to block and even harder to defend. (No wonder Lil Wayne chose to title a song after him). Looking away from Kobe’s shot momentarily, you have to regard his phenominal athleticism. Kobe can dunk over anyone, even Dwight Howard as shown below.

Kobe’s defense isn’t the best in the league but it is certainly formidable. Kobe has quick hands and can steal the ball if the guy he’s guarding lets up for even a second. What the most amazing though is that this guy doesn’t age. Kobe is 30 right now and is still playing first class basketball. You can be sure to expect Kobe playing at a high level well into his mid to upper 30s.

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