Gilbert Arenas Road to Redemption

This season Gilbert arenas has shown that his two year term at a halfway house has not destroyed his immense talent. Gilbert has shown that he is still able to make jump shots with ease and hit layups with extreme finesse. Gilbert even hit an 85 foot jump shot against the New Jersey Nets showing that he is still as strong as ever. Gilbert may not be a top five scorer anymore but who says he can’t play at that level again. He is currently playing off the bench for Orlando and still putting up starters numbers. Gilbert’s explosive nature and fiery personality is second to none and will surely propel him to the top once again.

Anyone who has seen Arenas play back in his glory days and even now knows that he loves to win. Back in Washington earlier this year, he was not given that opportunity as Washing ton had a dismal winning percentage as well the worst record in the East. Now that he’s with a squad that is capable of winning games and even contending for the NBA title, his attitude as well as play style have changed dramatically. Gilbert is no longer concerned with attaining amazing numbers and is now more unselfish than ever. He is now focused entirely on what he desires the most, an NBA championship. Being surrounded with solid players in Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, and Hedo Turkoglu as well as all star talent in Dwight Howard who’s to say he doesn’t win one with Orlando.

To sum it up, Gilbert is a great basketball player who is extremely fun to watch and a gift to fans everywhere. Every human makes mistakes so lets not be so critical to Gilbert’s mistake. He has served his time in a halfway house for his mistake and is now prepared to rebuild his image. It would be too much of a loss to lose this fantastic player so fans, please root for Arenas and cheer every time he makes a shot. In high school people told Arenas that he wouldn’t make it and would amount to nothing, this has clearly had a significant effect on him and he tries his best every day to prove these doubters wrong. We as NBA fans should help him on his quest to do so.

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