The Spirit of Basketball: Sasha Vujacic

Although Sasha Vujacic is not a household name by any means, he expresses energy and spirit on the court to be envied by many. Sasha dives hustles and runs for loose balls with a seemingly endless amount of energy.

Today against the Timberwolves, Sasha Vujacic scored his season high 22 points and one could not help but notice the positive energy he brought to the floor. Seeing him play and compete so actively was basketball played at his best. Every time something happened on the court that was negative, Sasha seemed to use it to his advantage. If a shot was missed, Sasha chased down the rebound, if a turnover was committed, Sasha raced to the opposite side of the court. When Sasha took a shot, he was quick to sprint to the basket to grab an offensive rebound in case the shot was missed and it rarely was.

Vujacic is not a player that will get you big numbers or highlight plays, but the positive energy he brings to court is irreplaceable. At first I opposed the Terrence Williams trade but after seeing Sasha play basketball, I fully support it. Avery Johnson, coach of the New Jersey Nets, should play Vujacic more perhaps even start him in order to prevent the scoring slumps that the Nets often face. It may not show up on the stat sheet but Vujacic is speedy, flashy, and unpredictable which makes him difficult to defend. Not to mention his “lights out” shot that can go in even if he’s contested. Sasha isn’t a ball hog either, he’ll take smart shots that are high percentage. He’s extremely unselfish and is willing to dish the ball out to other players when neccessary.

Sasha’s will to succeed and love for the game is clear to anyone who watches him play. He is a true gift to game of basketball. His current role on the Nets should be far greater than what it is. Sasha’s explosive ball handling, pinpoint jump shot, and air tight defense make him a complete player and also a great one. Avery should do the NBA a favor and allow this talented young man a chance to shine in the New Jersey Nets starting lineup.

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