Chris Paul’s Lust For Victory

Chris Paul is different from most players in the NBA in several ways. Paul is unselfish and prefers that his teammates excel rather than himself. Paul is extremely focused on victory and always does whatever it takes to achieve it. He is also aware of his exteremely high skill level and knows that he can score his share of points at any given moment. This is why Paul is considered the best point guard in the NBA, because he does whatever a point guard is supposed to do.

Point guards role on the court is to set up their teamates for easy shots and score whenever neccessary. Most pointguards don’t do this and are more conserned with padding their own numbers. Paul knows that 20 points per game is useless if those 20 are garbage points. If a player scores 11 when his team is up by 30, those 11 points wouldn’t have helped the cause. Paul focuses the majority of the game on setting his teamates up and only scores when they require him to. Say there is a close game and no body is open, Paul will try to score. Say a teamate finds him an open shot then only will Paul think to shoot rather than pass. Chris Paul’s understanding of his role allows him to excel in it.

Paul prefers his teamates excel rather than himself. A team with four or five players averaging 15 points per game is better than one player averaging 25 points per game. Paul knows that a championship requires a complete roster jam packed with offensive talent. If Paul doesn’t have one, he will do everything in his power to create one meaning that he will draw defenders and leave players wide open. He will give up the easy layup on the fast break. Chris Paul understands the value of victory and does everything he possibly can to achieve it.

Unlike most players, Paul is aware of his incredible skill but chooses not to boast about it. He does his trash talking on the court without opening his mouth unless he has to call a play. Paul finds that making plays and his teammates better is the only effective way to advertise his extraordinary skill. You won’t see him on a commercial hitting 50 foot shots or tweeting about his skill. This is what makes him the perfect player. No coach in the NBA would turn Chris Paul down if their team needed a point guard.

Chris Paul is one of the NBA’s elite not so much because of his numbers but more because of his mindset. He uses his talent for victory, whether it would be scoring the basketball or dishing an assist. This makes him different from most NBA players and in most cases different is better.

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