Chauncey Billups: Endless Youth

How many players in the NBA today are over 35 and are still putting up good numbers. I can only think of two, Chauncey Billups and Grant Hill. Billups of course being the better of the two. Chauncey is probably one of the toughest players in the NBA, his toughness was created and polished from spending eight seasons with the Detroit Pistons.

Detroit is notorious for hard fouls, tough defense, and balanced offense. Back when Chauncey played for Detroit, they were not a team anyone wanted to tangle with. Chauncey also can hit the 3-ball with accuracy and consistency, shooting a blistering 41% from beyond the arc this season. His scoring and passing abilities haven’t gone down at all too. At age 35, Chauncey is averaging 17 points and 5 assists a game in 33 minutes a night. That makes Chauncey an extremely efficient player.

Chauncey’s fitness is also a factor that has kept him playing at a high level for so long. While most veteran NBA players have tired legs and are looking to finish their careers on the bench, Chauncey is as competitive as ever. He still plays hard everyday and loves to win. At 35, the post season is like an extra mile after a long marathon that no one looks forward to running but Billups enjoys the competition and runs it with willingness and enthusiasm.

Chauncey’s love for basketball, fiery competitive nature, and unbelievable fitness not only allows him to play basketball well but also lets him extend his career long past other professional players. This makes Chauncey’s youth endless. He is no worse than when he was playing in his prime 10 years ago. Chauncey is and will be good for the next couple years.

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