The Clippers rise, putting Miami in demise

The Clippers extended their winning streak yesterday after an exhilarating win over the Miami Heat. With contributing efforts from Blake Griffin, Baron Davis, and Eric Gordon the Clippers came out with a 111-105 victory. The overconfident Miami team had their hands full right from the start when the Clippers scored 44 points in the first quarter. The Clippers were able to hold on to their lead the for the rest of the game which resulted in an unexpected loss for the nearly unstoppable Miami Heat.

Although shaky at the beginning of the season, the Clippers are now looking like a great NBA team. Blake Griffin continues to show his dominance on the court with his insane dunks. In addition, Eric Gordon continues to succeed for he is averaging 23.6 points per game. Not only that, Baron Davis is gradually progressing from his injury earlier this season. Last night we saw signs of what he did as an all-star years ago when he dropped 20 points and dishing out 9 assists. The Clippers are now looking great and playing competitive games against the elite teams in the NBA.

Now moving onto Miami- Right when it seems that Miami has lived up to the hype and reached greatness; Miami hit another setback when losing to the Clippers last night. The Big three are still struggling as of now in building a good chemistry. Although James, Wade, and Bosh played well together scoring a total of 84 points, the rest of the heat did not contribute enough. Those three can’t win a title alone and need contributions from other starters and bench players. Winning is a team effort, and in order for it to happen everyone has to contribute. Sure Lebron, Wade, and Bosh are great but they’re not a 12 man NBA roster themselves. If the Heat want to be successful and make it deep into the playoffs, they need to get better contributions from role players like Joel Anthony and Carlos Arroyo

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