The New Fresh Look of Westbrook

Russell Westbrook is an explosion of offensive talent and a threat to anyone guarding him. He has increased every aspect of his game since last season.

His points per game have gone up from 16 to a whopping 22. His assists per contest are now up to 8 and his rebounds are stationary at an impressive five. Westbrook combines a Jason Kidd all around game with a Kobe Bryant scorers mentality. He has the ability to take over games and leave his opposition in the dust. The sad thing is though that no one recognizes Westbrook enough because he is constantly outshone by superstar and MVP candidate Kevin Durant. Sure Durant’s good and all, but potential wise Westbrook is better and Westbrook is a better all around player that Durant.

Durant can score as indicated by his 29 ppg and he can rebound too as he hauls down 6 a night. His assists though are a bit on the lower side and well he gets 39 minutes a night opposed to Westbrook’s 36. Durant also plays small forward and is 6’9 while Westbrook plays point guard and is 6’3. Durant’s job on the court is to score tons of points and get some rebounds and at 6’9 his body is built to do so. He scores 29 a night which outshines most small forwards but grabs 6 boards a contest which is only slightly abover average for a small forward.

Westbrook on the other hand is a point guard, a completely different position. Westbrook’s role on the court is to set other players up and score a fair amount while doing so. Westbrook scores way more than a fair amount, averaging 22 ppg while the average point guard in the NBA averages around 15 a night. Westbrook averages 8.3 assists per game which is also above the average NBA point guards assist total that is around 6. In addition to this Westbrook averages 5 rebounds a night while the average point guard hauls down around 2 a night. Also as icing on the cake, Westbrook also has 2 steals per game.

Durant has reached the pinnacle of his talent scoring around 30 a game and averaging 6 rebounds. That great that he can put up such great numbers, but there’s no room for improvement. Westbrook on the other hand has improved every season since his rookie year and has shown no sign of slowing down. It’s tough to say how much better Westbrook will get but it’s certain that he has not yet reached his maximum.

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