Rookies On The Rise

Each year roughly 60 new players make it into the NBA. However, only a handful of rookies have success let alone potential. Here is an analysis of rookies to look out for this season

Blake Griffin- Without a doubt Blake Griffin is the most dominant rookie in the league today. So far this season Blake Griffin has a staggering 30 double-doubles. To perform such a feat is mind-boggling, yet Griffin is able to do this as a rookie. The talent and potential that lies within Blake Griffin is limitless. Not only does Griffin has the strength to overpower some of the most formidable defenders but is also extremely agile and elusive. When a big man such as Griffin can run up and down the court and maneuver smoothly through opposition it is nearly impossible to stop. His astounding ability to be as quick as a guard and as powerful as a big man allows him to play at an all-star caliber day in and day out. Griffin currently averages 22 points per game and 12.7 rebounds per game, however; Griffin averages a minuscule .7 blocks per game as well as .7 steals per game. If Griffin continues to improve and work on all aspects of his game, Griffin could be an all-time great.

John Wall- After John Wall was selected 1st in this season’s draft, he quickly lived up to the expectations. During his first few weeks of playing with the Wizards, John Wall was succeeding tremendously. Wall was among the league leaders in steals and averaged over 10 assists per game during his first seven games. During the early stages of the season Wall was phenomenal and was in the midst of becoming an all-star. This streak however ended to abruptly. Wall’s success was instantly hindered by an injury. Once Wall recovered from injury he failed to put up the numbers he had at the beginning of the season. Although John Wall hit a minor setback his game is gradually progressing back to the way he was. Hopefully Wall will continue to progress throughout the duration of the season and even surpass what he had done earlier in the season.

Landry Fields- Fields can rebound, shoot, pass, block, steal, but there is something he will never be able to do. He will never be a first round pick. Although Fields was a second round pick in the NBA draft he has had an immense impact on the Knicks this season. The rookie Fields shocked us all when he started for the Knicks on opening game. A second round pick had somehow cracked his way into a starting lineup. Although it may seem unfathomable it is all true. So far this season Fields has shot over 50 percent from the field, has averaged 7.4 rebounds per game and scores 10 points per game. Fields however has more than just stellar stats. Landry Fields is the type of player that makes big plays without being asked. This rookie hustles on offense and defense and is prominent to Knick fans for his follow-up dunks. Landry Fields has proven himself among the top rookies and continues to elevate his game.

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