Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s versatility and profusion of talent puts him amongst the top echelon of people to ever play the game of basketball. Durant has a great multifaceted game which allows him to be a deadly player. Now let’s get an inside look of Durant’s game

To start off, Durant can shoot from an infinite range. Whether he backs up to the three point line or hits the small jumper in the lane, their is no stopping him. With such a slender body, Durant can’t back people down on the post as well as a big man can. However, he more than makes up for this with a great jump shot. Durant knocks down 1.7 threes per game and averages 28.3 points per game. Kevin Durant can shoot over virtually any defender because of his long body and even longer arms.

To complement Durant’s shooting skills, is his elusiveness and dexterity. Durant’s astounding athleticism allows him to create shots for himself and allows him to drive and finish at the basket. Being such an agile big man, it is so hard for opponents to guard him. If Durant has a height advantage in a given matchup he will pull up for a jump shot because he knows the smaller players won’t be able to block him. Now if Durant is guarded by a bigger fellow he will utilize his quickness and beat you to the basket.

When a defender can no longer keep up with Durant’s skill he has only one option left- to foul. Although this may seem like a way to stop Durant from producing points, you are sadly mistaken. When you send Kevin Durant to the line it is an automatic two points for his team. Kevin Durant hits 88% of his free throws ranking him among the highest in the league.

Another thing that makes Kevin Durant a great player is his defense. Kevin Durant is a player that can haul down 6.3 rebounds per game as well as get a big block or steal.(1.1 steals, 1.0 blocks) As you can see, Durant contributes in all aspects of defense making him an even better player.

Finally, Durant not only makes himself look good but he also helps out his team tremendously. Durant averages nearly 3 assists per game. There is also another thing Durant has, however this does not show up in the stats column. Kevin Durant has become a leader through his past experiences on team USA. Leading team USA to a championship Durant developed many leadership qualities that he now brings to his Thunder team. Kevin Durant helps his team on the court and points them in the right direction. Lastly, when Durant is on the floor he draws double teams creating space for his teammates leading to better shots and resulting in wins. With such an offensive presence, teams often overlook Durant’s teammates.

Bottom line- When you have a repetoire like Durant you are bound to be a great player.

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