Charlotte- A Happy Ending?

Before the start of the 2010-2011 season the Bobcats neglected to re-sign Raymond Felton and also traded away Tyson Chandler. With these detrimental mistakes it seemed as if the Bobcats were destined for failure. This was all too true when the Charlotte Bobcats began an ignominious season under head coach Larry Brown.

The Charlotte Bobcats started out 9-19 and during this stretch they put up abominable stats such as last in turnovers per game, 29th in points per game, 20th in Fg%, and 23rd in 3ptFg%. Although Larry Brown is a hall of fame coach his desired style of play is not applicable to this Charlotte Bobcats. Larry Brown’s defensive-minded and slow pace game did not pass muster with the young Charlotte Bobcats. In addition, as the season progressed matters only got worse for Coach Brown. Players no longer listened to Brown nor did they execute his plays during the game. With the Bobcats losing interest in their coach, it was time for a change. Larry Brown decided to resign from his coaching job and Paul Silas took the job as interim head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. During the Bobcat’s first practice with the new head coach, drastic changes were made instantly. Silas wanted to bring energy to the table by introducing a fast pace game to his young Charlotte Bobcats team. By the time of the Bobcat’s first game under new head coach Paul Silas, the new uptempo pace of game immediately clicked for the Bobcats. The Bobcats wound up beating the Detroit Pistons 105-100, with major contributions from D.J. Augustin scoring 27 points and Stephen Jackson with 23. This new uptempo pace worked like a charm for the Bobcats. Not only does Silas like playing uptempo but he also accentuates the importance of taking the open shot. Silas allowed his team more reign over the game by minimizing the amount of plays called and letting players like Jackson and Augustin to do their “thing” on the court. As of now the Bobcats are 5-2 with Coach Silas, and have an overall record of 14-21. With this record they are in playoff contention and can make the eighth seed or better if they continue to play the way they do. Lastly, former all-star Gerald “crash” Wallace will be returning to the Bobcats soon, once he is fully recovered from his injury. After traveling the downward slope, the Bobcats could be making their way back up the ladder.

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