Let me see you Euro Step

Everyone knows of basic moves like the crossover, behind the back, through the legs, but not everyone knows the euro step, also known as the 1,2 step.

It may seem like an easy move at first but there are a lot of factors that play into it in order to perfect it. If you would like to see the mechanics of the move I would suggest seeing the video above. The idea of the move is to fake out the last defender by planting a jab step one way and then explode onto your other foot so you can then get off a layup. Doing the move however is just not enough to get the easy basket. You must see which ever side the defender is leaning to, once you establish that in your head you must plant the jab foot in that direction and then execute the move how you normally would.

In particular, Manu Ginobili and Dwyane Wade are spectacular at executing the euro step (1,2 step). Both of these players are able to think on the dime and know exactly when to use the move. Also, they both have the athleticism to really execute the move very well.

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