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Bulls Miami Showdown


Derrick Rose, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade are all playing in one series! The three best finishers in the NBA go head to head. Right now the series is 1-1 and I can tell already this is going to be a roller coaster series.

Let’s look at Miami- To start, Lebron James has been the brunt of the Miami offense. He has done a good job so far in getting to the hole and making big shots during the waning minutes of the game. Lebron needs to use his versatility to make things happen. He needs to capitalize on Bull’s turnovers and then convert those turnovers into points on the other end. Another thing Lebron needs to do is to make sure his team stays away from those dreaded scoring droughts. When Lebron isn’t producing he needs to get his other players involved. Far too often, Miami does not score for 5-10 straight minutes and that allows the other team to bounce back and then gain momentum. Just yesterday, the big three on Miami went 10.5 minutes without scoring while the Bulls came surging back. Before you knew it, the Bulls were rolling and then they even got their crowd into it and that is a great plus for the home team. Next, Dwyane Wade has to show his presence. He can let Lebron run the show sometimes but he has to step up and bring what he’s got to the table. Wade has to break down the defense by attacking the rim relentlessly. The Bulls are defensive stalwarts, so Wade has to spread the floor. If Wade can get the Bulls up and moving on D, he will be able to use his great footwork to get to the paint and finish. Additionally, Chris Bosh has to win the match up between him and Boozer. Bosh can’t play a quiet role in this series nor does he have to score 20 points. Bosh has to clean up the boards and pull the occasional offensive rebound and get the tip in. Lastly, Udonis Haslem has to be Miami’s defensive specialist. He needs to gobble up every board and he just has to outwork Noah.

Now let’s look at the Bulls

Derrick Rose has to take advantage of his matchup against Mike Bibby. He needs to to get the ball into the paint and make the Miami defense rotate. Once in the paint, Rose needs to look for Noah and Boozer to finish down low. Miami will have to pick up Rose leaving his next teammate open. Rose needs to be aggressive as well. He needs to lead his team on offense and that’s the bottom line. Next, Luol Deng has to be another leading offensive force. Deng has been consistent all year so I honestly think this won’t be a problem for him. However, he needs to shutdown Lebron down on defense like he did in game 1. Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah have to take advantage of their size. They need to finish strong in the interior as well as create second chance opportunities.

In the end, either team can win, but I think Miami with send the MVP home.

The Mavericks are Back

The Dallas Mavericks are grooving through this years playoffs. They beat the Blazers and then swept the Lakers. More notably, the Mavs showed their true capabilities in game 4 against the Lakers, in which they won by 36 points. This was an embarrassing game for the Lakers because throughout the game the Mavs bench just exploited them. Jason Terry scored 32 points and went 9 for 10 not from the foul line, not from the field but from the three point line! The Lakers had no answer to Terry’s shot and simply could not close him out. With this, the game was pretty much over at half time. To make matters worse, Peja Stojakovic went 6 for 6 from the three point line. To add, Jose Barea, the small statured guard for the Mavs, ran circles around the Lakers. Nobody had the foot speed to keep up with Barea, as he scored 22 points coming off the bench. And due to so much frustration, the game just got ugly. Lamar Odom got a cheap shot on Dirk and then Andrew Bynum disgraced him and his team for a ridiculous foul on Barea.

The Mavs have proved themselves as a formidable team, but will they have enough to get the crown.