The Mavericks are Back

The Dallas Mavericks are grooving through this years playoffs. They beat the Blazers and then swept the Lakers. More notably, the Mavs showed their true capabilities in game 4 against the Lakers, in which they won by 36 points. This was an embarrassing game for the Lakers because throughout the game the Mavs bench just exploited them. Jason Terry scored 32 points and went 9 for 10 not from the foul line, not from the field but from the three point line! The Lakers had no answer to Terry’s shot and simply could not close him out. With this, the game was pretty much over at half time. To make matters worse, Peja Stojakovic went 6 for 6 from the three point line. To add, Jose Barea, the small statured guard for the Mavs, ran circles around the Lakers. Nobody had the foot speed to keep up with Barea, as he scored 22 points coming off the bench. And due to so much frustration, the game just got ugly. Lamar Odom got a cheap shot on Dirk and then Andrew Bynum disgraced him and his team for a ridiculous foul on Barea.

The Mavs have proved themselves as a formidable team, but will they have enough to get the crown.

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