Ahead To The Future

The future of basketball is uncertain as of this point because the current audience is not focused on tomorrow but now. The teams that have the potential to win titles in the future are disregarded and... 

The Clippers rise, putting Miami in demise

The Clippers extended their winning streak yesterday after an exhilarating win over the Miami Heat. With contributing efforts from Blake Griffin, Baron Davis, and Eric Gordon the Clippers came out with... 

Portland-The Struggle to Survive

Greg Oden– first overall pick of the 2007 NBA draft-Injured Brandon Roy– three time all-star-Injured Marcus Camby– defensive player of the year in 2006-2007- Injured With the deprivation... 

San Antonio Spurs are the Team to Beat

The San Antonio Spurs are a powerful dynasty with 4 championships, 17 division titles, and 19 playoff appearances in the last 20 seasons. The Spurs currently stand first in the whole league, with 39 wins... 

Can the Lakers pull off another 3 peat?

To start, let’s list the Lakers top players: Kobe Bryant – Team captain and longtime NBA all-star, this shooting guard leads his team in points and assists. He is undoubtedly the key to many... 

Will the “Magic” Continue?

  The Orlando Magic have created one of the best offenses in the NBA with their recent trade, acquiring Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, and Hedo Turkoglu in addition to their already explosive... 

The Knicks

With the acquisition of Amar’e Stoudemire during the offseason, there was no question that Amar’e would have an immeasurable impact on the New York Knicks. The question moreover, was how far... 

The Inner Mechanisms of Lebron James

Lebron James, the most hated player in the NBA, is almost as complex as he is talented. Lebron has made many bad decisions in the past year and a half that I am sure you all know about. But why hate on Lebron when he just wants to win a championship? If any other player in the NBA had made the decision to go to an extremely promising Miami Heat team they would not face half the criticism that Lebron faces on a daily basis. The thing that most people don’t understand is that Lebron has had no problem sharing his role withe Miami’s two other dominant players, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Everyone has said that Lebron would have a terrible season because he has two other superstars on his team that would demand the ball almost every possession. This is false, Lebron is averaging 25 ppg 7 apg and 7 rpg. He is still one of the top players in the league and now has a solid shot at winning the NBA title. This makes Lebron one of the best players in history and instead of booing him, fans should appreciate the high level of basketball he plays on a daily basis. Since Michael Jordan, fans have not seen a player who excels in every aspect of the game. Lebron is about as close as it gets to Jordan it’s even debatable that James surpasses him in some catagories such as rebounds and assists. Next time you see Lebron play, take a moment to appreciate his game before you decide to criticize him.

Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries is one of the best rebounders in the NBA and not a bad scorer as well. Kris has an extraordinary amount of energy and can score points in bundles. His size and amazing athleticism allows him to rebound over players bigger than him. Humphries’ game is multi dimensional combining a decent jump shot with an above average post game that allows him to score 10-15 on a decent night. Humphries is also unusually talented with more complex aspects of basketball such as spin moves and pump fakes. Defensively, Humphries is an animal, meaning that he has the full package. Humphries can rebound, block, and steal really well making him a force to be reckoned with defensively. Overall Kris Humphries is a great player with plenty of energy, look for him to average a double double if his starter minutes continue.

Will the “Magic” Continue?


The Orlando Magic have created one of the best offenses in the NBA with their recent trade, acquiring Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, and Hedo Turkoglu in addition to their already explosive lineup. Many questions aroused as this barrage of talent stepped on to the court. These questions and doubts were all shut down yesterday when the Orlando Magic blew out the San Antonio Spurs, who have the best record in the NBA, by 21 points. Another question which is frequently asked is, will the Magic win a championship? The answer to that is a blatant no. Orlando will find themselves overwhelmed by the league

New York Knicks Team Analysis

The Knicks are one of the most questionable teams in the NBA, when referring to them many questions arise. Will the Knicks make the playoffs? Will the Knicks get a huge free agent? Will the Knicks ever win a title?

Lets take a look at the first question

The Knicks will not make the playoffs for one reason only, they refuse to play defense. They are an above average offensive team with many scorers such as Chandler, Amare, and Felton. They may be above average but they are certainly not the best in the league. The Knicks rely on three point shooting more than they should with almost every player on the team attempting 3s, even Amare. They should focus more on driving and let 3 point specialists such as Gallinari attempt shots from long range. If they do this, they will almost certainly make the playoffs.

The Knicks probably will get a huge free agent eventually. New York is one of the most saught after places to play in the NBA and many free agents would like to go there. If the Knicks don’t get Carmello, there is always Chris Paul or some other big name who’d love to play in NY.

The Knicks will never win a championship regardless of who they pick up, unless they get a new coach or hire a defensive specialist. There’s a reason that D’Antoni never won a championship with the Suns (a better offensive team than the Knicks). He completely disregards defense. Well if the Knicks ever get shut down offensively, a huge blowout will come there way. Unless major changes are made in their style of play, they will never win a championship.

Team Analysis : New Jersey Nets

The Nets are better than last season where they finished a horrendous 12-70 which I guess is a heads up for the future, but how much better are they, this and many more questions will be answered the next few minutes.


The Nets offense is very good but often poorly executed. They have about every weapon a team can have, an interior presence with Lopez and Favors, sharpshooters such as Morrow and Outlaw, and an all around player in Devin Harris. Execution is the issue at hand though. Players on the Nets can play well and can win games but somehow fall short. In the first two games of the season the Nets played very well beating Sacremento and Detroit in last minute comebacks. Avery Johnson’s whole offensive approach is centered around strong starts and strong finishes to games which makes the Nets, when playing well, an extremely tough team to beat. So far this season they have won winnable games and lost games which they are supposed to lose, with the exception of Charlotte.

What makes the Nets a good team, not a great one is that they lack experience. By that I mean that the whole team is relatively young and doesn’t have experienced players who can handle clutch situations with the exception of Devin Harris. Brook Lopez is a key player on the team who the Nets love to go to when they’re down but he’s too immature to know what’s best for the team in clutch situations. When Lopez gets the ball in the paint and the Nets are down by 2 with a minute left, he would rather shoot than pass. If Morrow is open for a corner three, Lopez would rather go for a difficult layup or low percentage jump shot. This isn’t a horrible thing because Lopez is showing signs that he wants to lead the Nets, but a good leader does what’s best for the team, not the individual.

The Nets experience is primarily in the hands of two players, Jordan Farmar and Devin Harris. Farmar has playoff experience and knows what it’s like to be down in a tight game. Harris has “greatness thrust upon him” as he was forced to be the leader of the Nets when they traded Jefferson and just had Harris and an aging Carter. These two players have proved themselves and should be trusted with the basketball in a tight game. Then there is Travis Outlaw, Travis was nicknamed “Mr. Clutch” in Portland and was famous for hitting crucial shots late in games. Outlaw is not as developed as a player as Harris and Farmar and has not yet reached his potential. Plus his blunder in the game against Charlotte proved that he is off his game slightly and needs to take some time before he goes back to hitting shots down the stretch.


The Nets defense, unlike their offense is below average. The Nets have an interior presence with Lopez and Favors but, besides their size, there is not much of a presence. Favors is in his rookie season and focuses more on flashy dunks than basic offensive and defensive fundamentals. Farmar is a good defender but his minutes are limited and his size is a severe disadvantage. Troy Murphy can play good defense but is currently recovering from injury and is not playing too well.


The Nets, when on their game are a very solid team, but when they are playing poorly are very easy to beat.

The Legend that is Kobe Bryant

Many things make Kobe Bryant the greatest NBA player in history. Lets count down what makes this guy so good. First of all there’s his jump shot. It’s one of the most dangerous in the game with its perfect form and pinpoint accuracy. Then there’s Kobe’s fadaway. The fadeaway is one of the most difficult shots to pull off in the game but Kobe does it so frequently and with such ease making him impossible to defend. Another weapon that Bryant has is the turnaround J, it’s like he memorizes the exact position of the hoop. Kobe also, when he’s in the zone, combines the turnaround and the fadeaway to create a shot that is extremely difficult to block and even harder to defend. (No wonder Lil Wayne chose to title a song after him). Looking away from Kobe’s shot momentarily, you have to regard his phenominal athleticism. Kobe can dunk over anyone, even Dwight Howard as shown below.

Kobe’s defense isn’t the best in the league but it is certainly formidable. Kobe has quick hands and can steal the ball if the guy he’s guarding lets up for even a second. What the most amazing though is that this guy doesn’t age. Kobe is 30 right now and is still playing first class basketball. You can be sure to expect Kobe playing at a high level well into his mid to upper 30s.

Dwight Howard Player Analysis

Dwight Howard has a relatively predictable game, just the problem is that no one can do anything about it. Howard gets the ball in the paint and muscles it into the hoop. He does this in a variety of ways. Either he goes straight up and dunks, pump fakes and absorbs contact (his powerful built allows him to get shots up after contact), or fades away and shoots. His favorite way to score is pump faking and absorbing contact. Not only does this allow him to score and go to the free throw line but it also lets him “intimidate” other centers by showing them that he can score regardless if what they do. As shown below.


Then there’s Howards fade away. He only uses this when up against great defenders. This is still a relatively high percentage shot because he is fading away from only a few feet away from the hoop.


Now lets take a look at Dwights monster defense. His defensive presence is a force to be reckoned with, his enormous muscles combined with his crazy atheleticm are a fatal combo. Dwight’s “intimidation factor” leads players to pass before they shoot when up against him. When players do decide to shoot against him well this happens.


Overall, Dwight is one of the best players in the NBA and reasonably so, he is hands down the best center. It will be interesting to see how Dwight plays when he gets older and cannot outmuscle other players.