Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks: Success Well Earned

Aaron Brooks’ journey in the NBA shows you that with hard work anything is possible. In 2007, his rookie season Brooks was sent to the D-league because Houston was unhappy with his play. Aaron was sent to the D-League in order to prove his worth to Houston and he did just that. In two games in the D-League, Brooks averaged 23 ppg 5 rpg and 5apg. He was immediately brought back to the NBA but was still limited to about 11.2 minutes per game in his rookie season. Brooks had to prove his worth to Houston and tried his best to do so, averaging a true shooting percentage of 54% in his rookie season.

In his second season Brooks experienced a little more success averaging 25 minutes a night and 11.2 ppg in those minutes. Brooks also started 35 of his 80 games that season showing that he was beginning to find his role in the Houston Rockets. His 3 point shooting also increased dramatically to 37%. Brooks was beginning to play exceptionally well and the Rockets’ noticed that.

Last season was Brooks’ breakout year as he averaged career highs in virtually every category and started all 82 games of the season. His ppg went up to nearly 20 and 3 point shooting was up to 40%. Brooks also began to pass the ball better as his apg went up to 5.3. Brooks became a multi dimensional player and a threat to anyone guarding him.

This season Brooks has been hampered with injuries, so his minutes have been cut but when he is out there he is still producing averaging a 16.0 per. Brooks went from being in the D-league and playing limited minutes to a starter and one of the better point guards in the NBA. His story is an indication that with hard work, anything is possible.