Stay Frustrated Brook

When Brook Lopez is mad, he becomes a better player. Brook becomes more aggressive, takes smarter shots, and plays tighter defense. Recently the Nets have lost 11 out of their past 12 games and Brook’s rage is beginning to accumulate and present itself on the court. In the past three games Brook has averaged 29 ppg 1.3 bpg and is shooting an incredible 64% from the field. This is the Brook Lopez Nets fans hoped and prayed for last season and now he is beginning to show his true colors. When the Nets get into a tough offense stretch which has occurred frequently this season, they need someone who is willing to sacrifice his body and drive to the rim. Brook is beginning to fill that role as he is averaging 9.5 free throw attempts a night over his last two games and connected on 86.3% of them. Typically, players make rash decisions that harm the team when they’re mad but Lopez is succeeding in concentrating his rage into great basketball.

This season hasn’t been the best for Lopez who is averaging career lows in field goal percentage at 46.6% and rebounds per game at 5.9 rpg. His true shooting percentage is also at 54% which is horrible for a center with a game like Brook. His offensive rating is only 105, a point below the league average and his player efficiency has dropped from 20 last season to a significantly lower 18.3. Brook’s scoring hasn’t been horrible this season at a shade under 19 but it’s much lower than the ppg total Nets fans expected him to put up which is around 22-23 ppg.

This season isn’t even close to over and there is a lot of time for Brook to improve his stats as well as get the Nets some much needed wins. Who knows, maybe he’ll drop 40 next?

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