Can the Lakers pull off another 3 peat?

To start, let’s list the Lakers top players:

Kobe Bryant – Team captain and longtime NBA all-star, this shooting guard leads his team in points and assists. He is undoubtedly the key to many of the Lakers’ past success and is the center point of the whole team; the game revolves around him.

Derek Fisher – This point guard just doesn’t slow downwell maybe a little. At the age of 36, Fisher is still a dominant force with the Lakers and continues to contribute to the team’s triumphs. Derek Fisher’s outstanding 5 Championships and has the experience needed to push the Lakers through the playoffs.

Ron Artest – With a reputation for outstanding defense, Artest is a valuable asset. Although a strong defender, this forward no longer comes up with strong offensive results.

Andrew Bynum – BIG MAN. Bynum leads the team in rebounds and always looks for the easy bucket at the end of the paint. Bynum serves as the Lakers’ center.

Pau Gasol – Recent NBA all-star, Gasol heavily aids the team in boards and points. He takes much credit for the Lakers’ championship in 2009, giving Bryant a dominant force to pass to.

Lamar Odom – Arguably the best 6th man in the NBA, Odom is an all around player: he can score, defend, rebound, and do anything else he has to.

The Lakers stand as the second seed in the Western Conference, just behind the San Antonio Spurs. Their record is 32-13. The team does have chemistry, but the players are starting to age. With a stellar lineup and decent bench, the Lakers are still dominant in the NBA. But can they win championship this year and continue to bring honor to the franchise? It’s possible, but not probable.

The Lakers should be able to make the conference finals. However, from there, a tough road will be upon them. Many of the players may tire out by the postseason. Additionally, getting past the other conference finalist is obviously a difficult achievement. Even if the Lakers do make the NBA finals, they stand a very small chance to the possible Eastern Conference finalist, assuming one of the top teams from the East makes it. The Lakers will probably not win this year’s NBA finals, let alone make it that far; but if they do, the dynasty will only further their list of achievements.

The Wild Wild West

The NBA western conference is notorious for great teams and even better players. It’s extremely difficult to make the all star team amongst all these big names. The guard positions in the western conference hosts some of the biggest names in basketball. Players like Kobe Bryant, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Monta Ellis, Russel Westbrook, Jason Kidd, Kevin Martin, Manu Ginobili, and Steve Nash all battle each other for 4 spots in this star studded team.

Heres a list of the balloting numbers in the West:

Guards: Kobe Bryant (LAL) 1,757,216; Chris Paul (NOH) 949,049; Manu

Ginobili (SA) 593,718; Steve Nash (Pho) 522,215; Deron Williams (Utah)

487,887; Russell Westbrook (OKC) 463,250; Tony Parker (SA) 355,993; Jason

Kidd (Dal) 303,164; Vince Carter (Pho) 277,430; Kevin Martin (Hou) 266,037

retrieved from http://www.hornets247.com/news/2011/01/13/chris-paul-remains-second-among-western-conference-guards-in-nba-all-star-balloting/

My opinion is that for the point guard position, Chris Paul will start with Deron Williams as a reserve as both are putting up phenominal numbers this year. Chris Paul is putting up 16.2 ppg 9.6 apg and a spectaculer player effeciecny of 25.6. Williams is averaging 22.1 ppg 9.4 apg and an impressive 23.4 player efficiency rating. All 6 point guards competing for these two positions are deserving of the role.

For the shooting guard role, I’d pick Kobe Bryant and Manu Ginobili. Kobe is having a spectacular season as always and although Manu’s stats aren’t the best, his team is arguably the best in the NBA and deserves at least one all star.