Michael Jordan

Flashback MJ’s Legendary Dunk


Michael Jordan “A Basketball Fairy Tale”

Not many people in the world find themselves getting cut from their high school basketball team and going on to become one of the best NBA players of all time.

There’s a reason that movies, books, and posters are frequently made with Michael Jordan’s face on the cover. But the question is, how did he become so good? The answer is simple, he wasn’t hard-working, he wasn’t motivated, he just loved to have fun. If you enjoy doing something, you’re going to want to do it over and over again. Michael really enjoyed to play basketball, so it wasn’t “hard work” for him, it was simply a good time. The work he put in off the court like working out and running made it so he had a more enjoyable time doing what he loved, playing basketball.

Also Jordan loved to compete. Most people in the world would rather win than lose, rather do better than do worse, but there is a select few that love to excel in everything they do and will put in a crazy effort to do so. Jordan is one of this select few. He loved to compete in whatever he did and was always upset when his team lost. In the 1987 NBA playoff when the Bulls went up against the favored Celtics, Jordan scored 63 points and took the Celtics to double overtime almost singlehandedly but was still upset when the Bulls just fell short. Not many players would be upset about scoring 63 points and losing in double overtime but Jordan was because of his competitive spirit.

Many people say that Jordan was extremely skilled and that’s why he was so good. Jordan could jump pretty high and hit the mid range shot with efficiency but that was about it skill wise. Jordan’s aggression came from his lust for victory. His speed and muscles came from work off the court and even his jump shot came from practice. The only skill that Jordan had which few other players in the NBA had was his high jump.

Jordan was so good at basketball because he enjoyed it that much. Playing in a game wasn’t a burden for him, it was more of a good time. Jordan was about as good of a basketball player as there ever was because of his love for the game. No one can excel as much as he did in something that they don’t have passion for. I call Jordan’s career “A Basketball Fairy Tale” because well it had about as happy of an ending as a fairytale could have, he went from being cut from his high school team to one of the best players in NBA history.