March Madness Bracketology

The competitive eastern region is going to be interesting.

1st Seed- For the most part, Ohio State should come out triumphant in this eastern region. Ohio is a great all around team. Jared Sullinger can do damage down low, Diebler has great range, and Aaron Craft is an elite defender. Ohio will undoubtedly win the east.

2nd Seed- North Carolina- They will go far, especially with Harrison Barnes leading the way . However, they could lose an upset game to the rank 7 Washington. Washington has Isaiah Thomas who has proven to be an offensive juggernaut all year. If North Carolina beats Washington , UNC will still have to get by Syracuse a three seed.

3rd Seed- Syracuse has played extremely well all year but when they match up against Ohio the odds of them winning is slim.

4th Seed- Kentucky is again another good team in the conference but Ohio is simply too much to handle in the long run.

Game to watch- Xavier vs Marquette- Marquette should win this game. Marquette was in a tougher conference so you have to disregard the ranks. Marquette has also played a top 25 team 14 times this season while Xavier has only played a top 25 team once.

March Madness Bracketology Southern Region

Southwest Region

The southwest is one of the most interesting divisions in 2011 March Madness.

Kansas is the obvious frontrunner with a well balanced offense as well as defense and an authoratative presence down low in Thomas Robinson.

Notre Dame, the second seed, is also fit to do some damage in the tournament with a dangerous offense jam-packed with perimeter shooters.

Purdue, the third seed has a well-balanced defense as well as an explosive offense and are able to take control of games in the later portions.

Louisville, the fourth seed is more reserved in style and win games by outlasting opponents which might not fare too well for them in this section of the draw.

Southeast Region

Pittsburgh is the clear favorite of this reason and are playing a level of basketball that is superior to most other teams in this region with the exception of the second seed, Florida.

Florida, the second seed, has been very erratic this year with many key losses, but a reputation for playing tough basketball and willing through games makes them a favorite to go reasonably far.

BYU, the third seed, has been decently weak this year, despite their admirable record due to the loss of Brandon Davies.

Wisconsin, the fourth seed, has a great style of play and are my pick to shake up this section of the draw.