Raymond Felton

Behind the Scenes look on Carmelo and The Knicks

With the Knicks acquiring Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Renaldo Balkman, and Anthony Carter they give up key players such as Raymond Felton, Danillo Gallinari, and Wilson Chandler.

In a sense, this trade was beneficial to both teams. Although it may seem like the Knicks lost a little too much to get Anthony, it is important to reiterate the fact that Billups is still an exceptional player and that the purpose of the trade was to rebuild.

More often than not when one team acquires a superstar there is bound to be success. Carmelo will definitely take the Knicks to the next level. Carmelo Anthony has a per of 21.28 and is an extremely prolific scorer averaging 25.2 points per game. On the offensive side the Knicks should be great. They have arguably the two best forwards in the league as well as Billups. Although the Knicks have two superstars, there are going to be a lot of kinks to work out. It is going to take time for the overall team chemistry to build as does for any trade. Not only that, the Knicks normal fast pace game is going to be slowed down dramatically with Anthony looking to play one on one whenever he can. Also, because the Knicks gave up some valuable assets in the trade, most games are going to come down to whether Stoudemire and Anthony played well. Excluding Billups, I can’t think of another descent scoring option, unlike when the Knicks had Felton, Gallinari, and Chandler who could all score on any given night.

Though this trade may have its downs, the Knicks are still benefitting from the trade nonetheless. For one, the Knicks brought in much experience by acquiring the veteran Billups and superstar Carmelo Anthony. Offensively speaking the Knicks have nothing to worry about. Stoudemire can overpower opponents on the post and Carmelo can play out on the wing or work his way inside. Also, Chauncey will complement these two scores extremely well. Billups with his precise three point and ability to penetrate and dish will really open up the floor for Stoudemire and Anthony. With these weapons on the offense, the Knicks will really be able to pack a punch and could start climbing up on the playoff ladder.

It is important to know, that this trade was merely the second stage of rebuilding for the Knicks. This current lineup is not the full championship piece. The Knicks still lack a dominant center and are weak on the defensive end. The Knicks are still developing but should definitely be able to make a noise in the playoffs this year.

The Knicks

With the acquisition of Amar’e Stoudemire during the offseason, there was no question that Amar’e would have an immeasurable impact on the New York Knicks. The question moreover, was how far would Stoudemire be able to take his new team and would he be able to turn around this New York Knicks franchise that has been suffering for over a decade now? From 2002-2009 the New York Knicks have not finished above 500. With the addition of stoudemire the Knicks are now 22-18, 4 games above 500 and look better than ever. Since Amar’e Stoudemire came to the Knicks he has been averaging career highs in both points(26.4) and blocks(2.4). It is astonishing to see that since Stoudemire has left Nash he is averaging more points, and this really makes one consider how good the point guard for the Knicks really is. Raymond Felton is on his way towards a breakout season, currently averaging 17.7 ppg and 8.9 apg. Felton has really filled the void for the Knicks at the point guard position and has been able to set up his teammates as well as leading Stoudemire to one of his best season’s ever. Although Felton and Stoudemire are great, they are backed up by a great all around squad. Danillo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler have improved their play and really get the job done on the offensive side of the court. Gallo contributes his superb shooting skills and has become an excellent 3 point shooter for the team. In addition, Chandler is a spark off the bench averaging over 17 ppg. To top it all of, Landry Fields has been a true X-factor for the Knicks; the rookie has made great plays throughout the season and during the stretch, often giving the Knicks the upper edge over the opposition. Bottom Line- Knicks will almost definitely make the playoffs and it should be interesting to see how far they actually wind up going.